Tuesday, 22 February 2011

[WOODY, yo shit is TIGHT!]

Another good friend of mine from college, i fealt compelled to go to town on this post!
This young electronic badaman seems to be tearing up the web with his mix of soulful liquid drum and bass vibes under the alias 'woody' and with his gritty, hard hitting dubstep in his new side project 'repto' which i predict will go just as far if not further than 'woody' due to popular demand.

The first thing i wanna bang on about is his choon 'starglider' which in my honest opinion... is fucking amazing. It has reach over 100,000 views on youtube alone and is set to catapult this mofucker up in the ranks along side the likes of netsky.

2 other tunes i'd like to touch on is his new banger 'nightwalker' and his bootleg of  uniting nations - 'out of touch' ...infact i'l lowe the chat and let you be the judge.. give him a listen, im confident that he will impress all.
Repto - Nightwalker [Clip] by Woody!
Woody - Out of Touch Unmastered clip by Woody!

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