Monday, 21 February 2011

First day of this so called 'blogging'

Before you ask.. this isn't archibold flamingo in the picture.

DAY 1 OF BLOG. and to be honest.. i haven't found another blog that isn't preaching about god, a f^&£ed up freak dressing kids up and posting them for the world of pedos to fap too, a fat b%&^*rd talking about his family and how his daughter is the top gypsy whore in the whole of russia.
theres tons of this bulls&*t on here.

on that note. heres a dose of a small but filthy lil dub producer iv come across today, about as filthy as this guy siding up with these blogs i'v mentioned.

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  1. i think we should let the general public see christian simmons' dog girlfriend as well, EVEN THE RSPCA DIDNT WANT HER!!/profile.php?id=1032948908