Friday, 25 February 2011


THIS MAN IS SICK! was alerted to his works by a good friend of mine and thought it was only right to chuck it on here.. prepare to have your head blown clean off!
Swanstep (Original Mix) by TrainwrecK
Collision Course (Original Mix) [FREE DOWNLOAD L LINK IN DESCRIPTION] by TrainwrecK
Frozen MF February Mix by TrainwrecK


Another big choooon from 2Deth!
Killswitch Engage - My Curse (2deths Intermediate Grebstep Mix) by 2deth

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

[stholdings posts more SKANK]

photography by bria stoddart

MRK1 'Dirty Dubstep Music' clip HENCH023 a side by stholdings
Prolix 'Freeze Frame' clip Trendkill Records [TKRUK001 ] by stholdings
Instra:mental Resolution 653 LP Sampler 'Thomp' / 'When I Dip' [NONPLUS013] by stholdings

[midnight chong vibe]

okay.. im pretty lean at the moment and been chilling back to some cotch new tunes posted by Klimax just tonight, a tune that's been around for about 6 months from another notts yout, 'radic' whos been taking over the local dub scene with his co dj 'saulya'. i dropped his tune rankin in a lil set i were doing the other day while baked with the lads, always nice after a bit of the sweet mary j.
ALSO! another notts new boy 2b2d with a pretty dark lil chonged out set.
lastly another paranoiattack track but like an acid trip in willy wonkas factory.
enjoy xxx

Klimax - Raindrop Dreams by klimax
Klimax - Stars by klimax
Radic - Rankin' by Saulya & Radic
First Day Using Traktor 10min Mix by 2B2D
airport disco lounge by paranoiattack

radic, paranoiattack and klimax tunes above are FREE DOWNLOAD!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

[a nice find on the stholdings soundcloud]

some sirius ragga ting ygm?

Trojan Sound System Vs Toddla T 'My God' (TSS002) TSS Records by stholdings

[BETA ONE full version]

Archibold Flamingo, first to have the full version of this track successfully on its hard drive.
but just so you can all listen, its now on soundcloud BOI OF THA TING
enjoy this glitchy beast!

Klimax - Beta One by klimax

looks like yet again im gonna have to go back and delete those old klimax posts... hes a fucker for this! 

[WOODY, yo shit is TIGHT!]

Another good friend of mine from college, i fealt compelled to go to town on this post!
This young electronic badaman seems to be tearing up the web with his mix of soulful liquid drum and bass vibes under the alias 'woody' and with his gritty, hard hitting dubstep in his new side project 'repto' which i predict will go just as far if not further than 'woody' due to popular demand.

The first thing i wanna bang on about is his choon 'starglider' which in my honest opinion... is fucking amazing. It has reach over 100,000 views on youtube alone and is set to catapult this mofucker up in the ranks along side the likes of netsky.

2 other tunes i'd like to touch on is his new banger 'nightwalker' and his bootleg of  uniting nations - 'out of touch' ...infact i'l lowe the chat and let you be the judge.. give him a listen, im confident that he will impress all.
Repto - Nightwalker [Clip] by Woody!
Woody - Out of Touch Unmastered clip by Woody!