Wednesday, 23 February 2011

[midnight chong vibe]

okay.. im pretty lean at the moment and been chilling back to some cotch new tunes posted by Klimax just tonight, a tune that's been around for about 6 months from another notts yout, 'radic' whos been taking over the local dub scene with his co dj 'saulya'. i dropped his tune rankin in a lil set i were doing the other day while baked with the lads, always nice after a bit of the sweet mary j.
ALSO! another notts new boy 2b2d with a pretty dark lil chonged out set.
lastly another paranoiattack track but like an acid trip in willy wonkas factory.
enjoy xxx

Klimax - Raindrop Dreams by klimax
Klimax - Stars by klimax
Radic - Rankin' by Saulya & Radic
First Day Using Traktor 10min Mix by 2B2D
airport disco lounge by paranoiattack

radic, paranoiattack and klimax tunes above are FREE DOWNLOAD!

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